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Cost of not breastfeeding

Why should mother breastfeed her child? what if i do not breastfeed? is lactation consultation really worth? Lets get answer…

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Health benefits of Breastfeeding

Why one should breastfeed the child? what are the benefits of breastfeeding?
is there any breastfeeding expert near me? Lets get answer from Pediatrician and Gujarat’s First Lactation consultant Dr Prachee Shah

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Starting Solids.. Do’s and Don’t


Nutritious diet is the foundation for healthy life.

Hence starting solids is the most important event in child’s life. We all want happy stress free meal time as seen below but nowadays babies children are becoming more and more fussier, seems they are not interested in eating .

“My child is not eating” is heard so frequently in clinics.
Is this issue real or perceived??
What can parents do to make child eat ?

Sharing a list of you do and don’ts to starting solids

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બાળક ને ખોરાક આપવાનું સ્ટાર્ટ ક્યારે કરવું?

At what age mother should start solids to her child. An expert advice by Pediatrician and Lactation Consultant Dr. Prachee Shah

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When to Start Solids in Baby

StartingSolids: Do’s & Don’t Starting solids or introduction to family foods is and important milestone in baby’s life after breastfeeding….

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Effects on environment: breastfeeding versus formula feeding

Do you know the environmental impact of formula feeding? 1.To manufacture 1 kg of formula milk,it requires 4700 litres of…

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Breastfeeding in corona times

Expert advice by Pediatrician and Lactation Consultant Dr Prachee Shah regarding breastfeeding in corona like maternal illness

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Sufficiency of breastmilk immediately after delivery!

Will I able to make enough milk? Will baby be satisfied only on breastfeeding?Will exclusive breastfeeding enable baby to grow…

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Breastfeeding is 99% determination and 1 % technique.

Proper technique and guidance helps in breastfeeding.