Breastfeeding is 99% determination and 1 % technique.

This mother of 11 day old consulted me for baby not latching at breast.Since baby was not latching baby was given formula via bottlefeeding . Mother’s breastmilk output bare minimum and on top of it anatomical challenge in form of inverted nipple.
Taught her to latch baby correctly but due to nipple confusion owing to bottlefeeding baby refused to latch.Advised her to regularly hand express to improve her breastmilk output.
After a week of trial,introduced nipple shield after checking correct size for her. Taught her how to apply it properly to breast and how to latch baby .It worked…But yet effective milk transfer was not there.
But the mother was very patient ,cooperative and came for regular follow ups..Followed each and every instructions. Was very complaint with medicines ..
So gradually her hard work paid. Her supply increased .She was able to wean from nipple shield after 1 month of starting. Baby started feeding directly.Her nipples became protracted
Her supply started building up and so after 2 months or so hr formula requirement reduced drastically to 2-3 feeds in 24 hrs.
Latest updates baby is predominantly on breastfeeding with occasional use of formula either once in a day or nil.
Weight gain of baby is excellent..
Happy mother and happy baby.
I had seen so many mothers breaking in tears in my clinic but what was unique about this mother was her resilience, determination and her faith in me.She followed me blindly ,never failed to turn up on follow up visits.
Still her words cross my mind so many times” I always wanted to do exclusive breastfeeding. Never thought that I will face these many hardships. Never thought that baby will struggle to latch owing to nipple size.Had purchased so m any breastfeeding friendly kurtis and many other accessories but never gave attention on something which was so important aka how to latch baby.Had i met you earlier during my pregnancy things would have been definitely better “
P.S: I dont recommend use of nipple shield in each and every case.It has to be used only if prescribed by a lactation expert and under their guidance only.
Hope this story motivates and inspires many mothers who are struggling in their breastfeeding journey,
Patience,Positive outlook, Perseverance and Evidence based guidance can do miracles. It can help you achieve what seemed impossible.

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